Our core business

PV Energy is structured to maximize the synergies and interests of the two Principals and to leverage our access to significant sources of expertise and funding both for solar project construction and ongoing operations. This is delivered through five core business offerings:

  • Development and construction of grid-connected and off-grid solar installations either ground mounted or installed on rooftops of large commercial properties and residential buildings. As a general principle, individual projects will be aggregated where appropriate into investment-sized bundles.
  • Providing mobile solar solutions such as photovoltaic (PV)-based portable power supply, or PV-based portable water pumping system.
  • Providing long-term investment opportunities in solar projects offering attractive rates of return on investment to private investors and capital markets.
  • Providing clients and customers access to international solar projects through the meeco portal / development pipeline and meeco’s physical presence in the fast growing global solar markets.
  • Providing advisory and consulting services to financial institutions and government bodies around the globe.
  • Trading in Power on the Spot Market.