13/09/2018: Government of Antigua and Barbuda, APUA, CIU and PV Energy reach an agreement to jointly pursue the Green Antigua and Barbuda goal more


28/06/2018: Jumby Bay island to benefit from additional clean energy supply more

20/10/2017:Renowned award for PV Energy's 10 MWp solar energy project cluster for Antigua & Barbuda more


22/09/2017: Antigua's well-built PV systems sustain impact of hurricane Irma more


01/08/2017: Oldest Sikh temple in Europe equipped with sun2roof solar energy installation more

07/06/2017: PV Energy supports Housing Project in Antigua & Barbuda more


17/03/2017: New solar energy plant to be installed on Barbuda more


10/03/2017: Installation of solar solutions on Jumby Bay island completed more

12/12/2016: Key island property equipped with smartly interconnected solar solutions   more

28/11/2016: Small island states shift to clean energy   more


02/11/2016: PV Energy: Almost 50 % of the agreed rooftop installations on government buildings completed    more


12/10/2016: Antiguan cement company to be equipped with sun2live solar installation     more

15/09/2016: Antigua's sun2live solar power plant recaptured by animal cohabitants    more

 10/08/2016: Installation of 2nd MW-scale sun2live solar power plant in Antigua has commenced    more


04/08/2016: PV Energy to equip large-scale installations in the Caribbean with powerful energy storage unit   more

01/08/2016: PV Energy equips public schools in Antigua and Barbuda with solar power   more


23/06/2016: PV Energy to attend clean energy conference in Trinidad and Tobago   more


Antigua’s airport solar power plant exceeds expected performance   more

31/05/2016: Digicel benefits from sun2com solar energy solution   


25/04/2016: Solar energy and storage systems to be introduced in Antigua and Barbuda   


26/02/2016: Antigua and Barbuda pioneering in clean energy in the Caribbean   



03/12/2015: PV Energy Ltd. joins the Antiguan’s and Barbudan’s in raising awareness towards solar power in the island   more



01/12/2015: Successful completion of 3 MWp solar power plant
in Antigua   more



09/11/2015: Overview of the Clean Energy Study Tour across
Europe   more >



29/10/2015: New approach to supply airports with clean
energy   more >



20/10/2015: Clean Energy Study Tour across Europe for Caribbean engineers   more >



12/10/2015: Solar energy training for Antigua & Barbuda   more



04/08/2015: PV Energy to provide Antigua & Barbuda with clean solar power   more