PV Energy to provide Antigua & Barbuda with clean solar power

First 3 MWp to be installed at the new V.C. Bird International Airport

The Government of Antigua and Barbuda (GOAB) and PV Energy Limited are taking a major step towards environmental sustainability to create affordable and sustainable clean energy solutions across the islands of Antigua and Barbuda.

In collaboration with PV Energy, the GOAB have agreed to implement a number of photovoltaic installations with the total capacity of 10 MWp. PV Energy Ltd and the GOAB have concluded an Engineering Procurement and Construction contract (EPC) stipulating the provision of fully operational turnkey plants to the Government through this joint venture. The portfolio of projects will consist of installations of either sun2live or sun2roof turnkey solutions in the course of the next six to twelve months. The main objective of the joint venture is to establish the development of top-tier (solar-based) renewable energy solutions across Antigua & Barbuda.

“The new Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party administration has decided to take a proactive approach to renewable energy development as a part of its commitment to modernize and develop the Antigua and Barbuda economy”, notes Asot Michael, Minister of Tourism, Economic Development, Investment and Energy of GOAB. “Therefore, the government has also removed all import duties and charges on renewable energy technologies.”

The first phase of the envisioned project will consist of the installation of a 3 MWp photovoltaic ground mounted sun2live installation on the southwest shoulder of the V.C. Bird International Airport of Antigua to support the green energy supply to the new and soon to be inaugurated main airport terminal. The generated power shall almost entirely cover the energy consumption of the airport. Shpresa Azemi, Project Manager of PV Energy declares: “This first installation is planned to be finalised already in the beginning of the third quarter of 2015. The agreement has been reached in March 2015. Thus, assessment, engineering, procurement and other necessary preparations have been accomplished to completion in less than four months, with two months foreseen for the execution.”

In addition to the installation at V.C. Bird International Airport, several other sites and buildings of the GOAB are under assessment to fit the remaining 7 MWp as specified in the agreement. Currently, 1 MWp is projected for the Barbuda’s island to be placed within the premises of the Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) and further 2 MWp are planned for rooftop installations on Antigua’s government-owned buildings such as ministries, schools and hospitals.

The projects are planned, executed and financed for up to 18 months by PV Energy Ltd (based in the UK) whom will lead and manage the overall project. To date, PV Energy Ltd. has already performed more than 50 detailed technical rooftop assessments during the last weeks. A close cooperation has been established between the national stakeholders and PV Energy Ltd. in order to realize the implementation of the agreed 10MW as seamlessly and beneficial for the islands and their population.