Oldest Sikh temple in Europe equipped with sun2roof solar energy installation

PV Energy installs rooftop solar solution on Central Gurdwara (Khalsa Jatha) in London

The clean energy provider PV Energy Limited has just completed the installation of a sun2roof solar system on the rooftop of the Central Gurdwara (Khalsa Jatha) in London. The oldest Sikh temple in Europe, located in Shepherds Bush in the Western part of London, as off now, benefits from a 10.11 kWp clean energy solution generating sustainable and environmentally friendly solar power and ensuring long-term cost savings.

The Central Gurdwara (Khalsa Jatha) temple undergoes a general refurbishment at the moment. In parallel to these construction works, PV Energy has resealed the complete roof with waterproofing materials and subsequently installed a sun2roof solar system on an area of 320 m2 on the rooftop of the temple establishing clean renewable energy supply. The clean energy solution will produce 27.05 kWh of solar power per day and thereby ensure annual CO2 savings of more than 5,500 kilograms.

“We are proud that we got the opportunity to realise this solar project on such a historic building,” states Guloo Virdee, director to PV Energy Ltd and board member of The Virdee Foundation.  Guloo further states, “The sun2roof clean energy solution allows us to benefit from the abundant power of the sun, and therefore to contribute in further reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment.”

In addition to PV Energy’s support, The Virdee Foundation has taken on the entire refurbishment of the Gurdwara, which has culminated in the launch of the Central Gurdwara London – Sewa Project. They have contributed significantly to both the interior and exterior refurbishment of this historic landmark and believe the addition of the solar solution will be a remarkable achievement for the temple by becoming the first green Gurdwara in the UK. 

The Central Gurdwara represents a historical place for the Sikh community in London. Formed in 1908, the Khalsa Jatha, British Isles, bought the lease of 79 Sinclair Road, Sheperd Bush, in 1913, where the Jatha remained for 63 years. In 1969, the Khalsa Jatha moved into the building on Queensdale Road, where the Gurdwara now stands. Until today, the temple, that has been a place of homage by many renowned saints and individuals for over 100 years, and is a place of worship where the Gurdwara remains a historic beacon for the Community.

The flexible sun2roof system was designed and installed according to the local conditions and energy requirements. Through the connected power inverter, with an interface to the energy monitoring system sun2see, the energy production can be controlled 24/7 to ensure a smooth operation and consistent clean power supply. Thus, the oldest Sikh temple established in Europe is now powered by an eco-friendly and cost-effective energy solution.