Government of Antigua and Barbuda, APUA, CIU and PV Energy reach an agreement to jointly pursue the Green Antigua and Barbuda goal

4 MWp sun2live solar power utility in Bethesda to be energised first

The clean energy provider PV Energy Limited will, jointly with the utility APUA, resume the finalisation of their joint Green Antigua and Barbuda project to bring solar renewable energy and grid-stabilising energy storage facilities for the benefit of the people of Antigua and Barbuda to the twin island. The parties (also including the Citizenship by Investment Unit/CIU) negotiated in good faith as well as positive spirits and last week concluded successfully a settlement agreement allowing for the final phase of the project, most importantly the grid stabilising battery storage, to be completed.

“We are delighted to further assist in developing the clean energy infrastructure of the twin islands state“, expresses Mr. Karprit Virdee, Director of PV Energy. “We will continue to provide the necessary top-tier operation and maintenance services to encourage the full potential of the already installed photovoltaic utilities and, of course, will complete the outstanding installations in our usual global benchmarks-exceeding quality and diligence PV Energy has committed to from day one of the cooperation with the partners in Antigua and Barbuda.“

As the very next step the PV Energy team will energise the 4 MWp sun2life solar energy plant at the Bethesda site in the Lavington area of Antigua. With a daily solar energy production of 16.800 kWh, the sun2live power plant will save 3.247,84 tons of CO2 emissions per year and therefore will be contributing to the goal of ensuring environmental sustainability of Antigua and Barbuda.

Furthermore, the PV Energy team will start the final preparations for the installation of the 6,5 MWh grid stabilising sun2safe battery storage system.

“After having successfully contributed to the Government’s Green Antigua and Barbuda Goals so far with numerous well performing solar renewable energy installations in Antigua and Barbuda in the past years, we are very happy to proceed with our mission to make Antigua and Barbuda even greener and more and more independent from polluting fossil fuels“, outlines Karprit Virdee. “We would like to especially express our appreciation for the professional and constructive negotiations with the representatives of APUA, the Government of Antigua and Barbuda and the CIU.”