solar telecommunication solution

sun2com solar telecommunication is a turnkey solution meeting many requirements. As wireless service providers strive to serve the next billion subscribers, they face the challenge of serving more remote regions of the world at a competitive price.

For remote regions without access to the electricity grid, this is an enormous problem. With the rising cost of diesel and the high cost of transport, economically reaching these new subscribers frequently appears impossible. For example, while only 5% of a service providers BTS stations may be off-grid, the OPEX cost of these sites can represent 50% of total network OPEX.

One approach taken by service providers is using renewable energy to power BTS stations. Trials are now underway in many countries, mostly hybrid solutions involving solar energy, battery storage, and diesel generators.

The results of these trials prove renewable energy can be economically deployed, and provide an important means to improve providers carbon footprint. Service providers are seeing a ROI of three years or less, especially when diesel transport costs are high.

As a leader in renewable energy delivering our sun2com solar telecommunication solution, we are ideally suited to help service providers and infrastructure suppliers build out renewable energy capacity. In delivering, financing, and operating over 200 MW of renewable energy capacity across five continents, we form long-term relationships with clients - from project concept/financing to operation/maintenance to future technology upgrades.