solar LED street lighting solution

Emerged in the 1970s, the solar LED technology was only available in red and green colour and was mainly used for street lighting. It was not until 1990 that the blue LED was developed, shortly followed by the appearance of the white light. The growing threat of climate change has been influencing the governments’ energy management policies, which have led to reconsider existing infrastructures with high energy consumption levels such as public lighting. Today the LED technology is proven and industrialized, allowing combined products to arise in the global market such as solar LED. 

Compared to traditional lighting bulbs, the sun2light solar LED street lighting solution can save up to 70% energy. When combined with solar technology, LED lights are therefore the most sustainable lighting solution today. As solar energy leading company, PV Energy provides its clients reliable solutions in this area.

The LED street lighting solutions are equipped with zero-emission lights that utilize the latest in ultra-efficient LED luminaries. The lamps are extremely low maintenance and are rated at over 50,000 hours of reliable, trouble-free operation. They offer a bright natural white light with an impressive colour-rendering index above eighty. These lights are coupled with photovoltaic modules and meeco’s smart solar lighting controller to produce a truly sustainable solution.