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Real time monitoring of clean energy systems is not only an up to date but also a very comprehensive approach to avoid potential outages; creating the ability to foresee and most importantly prevent faults in the performance of such installations. Thanks to our monitoring platform sun2see and the associated full-time service centre G-Noc (Global Network Operations Centre), we provide a 24-hours supervision for each of our renewable energy systems worldwide – regardless of the size.

Through this online monitoring, control and troubleshooting platform we are able to pinpoint and fix deviations, faults or other impediments immediately and thereby ensure smooth operation without performance losses as well as a long term commercial success. As an integrated service feature also including an archiving function, sun2see enables customers to track the performance of their clean energy systems during their entire lifespan. Easily accessible by logging in online, our clients get a concise and customised overview of all relevant performance parameters linked to their individual technical system, such as the energy output or the condition of their energy storage facilities (batteries).

How our solar monitoring system works