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Our Products

Sun2roof – Your Rooftop Pays Off

sun2roof demonstrates perfectly that sustainable development is achievable everywhere. Our flexible solution with its tailor-made rooftop solar panels and customised PV mounting systems, depending on the size, material and location of the rooftop, can be installed on almost all types of buildings and produce energy where it is needed.

meeco’s sun2roof offers the opportunity to generate clean and reliable energy everywhere. Through metered installation our Swiss-designed & German-engineered system produces and supplies rooftop solar power to meet all variations in customer demands. The complete turnkey and customised solution includes all the services needed to design, structure, plan, install, commission and monitor the operations of the rooftop system in order to meet the requirements of every client.

Sun2live – Pv & Storage Solution

sun2live is meeco’s small-to-medium scale distributed solar power generation and energy storage solution for both grid-connected and off-grid use.

Acting as a 24/7 power supply source or a backup solution, sun2live provides electricity to households, businesses and communities dependent on unreliable, expensive, or difficult-to-maintain power sources. For our modular solutions we make use of the latest and most advanced but bankable technologies of solar power generation (ground or roof-mounted) and a variety of energy storage solutions in order to ensure power availability throughout the day or even under cloudy conditions or during night-time.

Sun2rope – Solar PV Rope Structure

The sun2rope solar PV mounting structure is an innovation with a low environmental impact, tailor-made for a number of solar installations. The system offers an efficient and fast way to establish solar energy generation as the modules are mounted on special long-life ropes, which are attached to existing walls, wooden or steel pillars or suspended between buildings.

Designed to protect the landscape at the intended location for the solar power solution and ensure a smooth, quick and reliable installation, sun2rope is constructed without disturbing existing substructures. This solar energy solution therefore offers the opportunity to generate clean electricity whilst minimising the impact on the natural environment.

Sun2safe – Optimised Energy Consumption

The sun2safe by meeco is an all-in-one intelligent energy management system guaranteeing a steady and reliable energy supply 365 days a year independently from fossil energy generation or the electrical grid whilst it is able to combine and manage several sources of energy in order to minimise costs and optimise power availability.

Top-tier batteries to store energy and a converter/inverter to convert the current suitable for all devices and applications ensure consistent energy provision. The Swiss-designed and German-engineered sun2safe is a fully integrated power conversion and energy management system that can be used with any source of power.

Combined with our solar power generation system sun2live, the sun2safe is an environment-friendly solution for energy conversion, storage and management.

SunCarrier – Tracing The Sun

The Suncarrier single-axis solar tracker is a grid-connected solar photovoltaic solution. This tracking system constantly matches the surface of your PV modules to the exact position of the sun.

Unlike fixed systems, the SunCarrier single-axis solar tracking system aligns the PV modules via the vertical axis or alternatively the horizontal axis to the current position of the sun. This ‘class leading’ technology enables optimised tracking around the azimuth and the production of up to 30% more energy compared to fixed solar solutions. Depending on local conditions, the SunCarrier adapts the position of its modules to the duration of sunlight and the angle required to capture sunlight most efficiently.

sun2go xl and xxl – Energy In Motion

sun2go xl and sun2go xxl as portable solar power and storage systems guarantee independence from the grid whilst at the same time ensuring insulation from increasing diesel prices.

With their easy installation, high flexibility and low maintenance requirements, the sun2go xl and sun2go xxl solar power and storage systems perfectly match different customer requirements. Whether the application is private houses, shops, construction sites, small hospitals, emergency stations or disaster zones – our Swiss-designed and German-engineered sun2go xl and sun2go xxl solutions offer significant benefits in a flexible way and ensure independence from the grid.

Sun2go classic – Energy To Takeaway

The sun2go classic portable solar power system combines a foldable PV module and a wheeled trolley containing a battery, an inverter and a charge controller and supplies clean energy everywhere – independently from the grid.

Our portable solar power system delivers – as a small-scale and stand-alone solution – electricity even in remote areas and hard to access locations. Powered by solar energy, the sun2go represents an environmentally friendly and reliable solution for running small electrical devices and tools for several hours. Unlike costly and maintenance-intensive power sources such as fuel generators, the Swiss-designed & German-engineered portable solar power system supplies clean energy on site according to the demand of the customers.


The Swiss-designed and German-engineered water treatment solution sun2water provides potable water to communities and businesses dependent on unreliable, expensive, or difficult-to-maintain water and power sources, integrating proven technologies and utilising industry-leading equipment.

Clean and drinkable water is a precondition for human life. Indeed, the treatment of water represents a real challenge in many regions, particularly in remote areas or on small islands without any connection to the grid. Our custom-designed off-grid water treatment solutions enable everyone to get access to potable water and thus improve the quality of life. By means of a variety of water treatment, power generation and energy storage technologies to meet local water and energy requirements, sun2water minimises at the same time the initial investment as well as maintenance and operating cost.

Sun2flow – Renewables To Power Water Production

The sun2flow solar water pump system is the ideal solution to pump water in off-grid areas where lakes, rivers or natural water reserves can easily be found.

Having water available in remote areas for irrigation or livestock needs, without any kind of access to the grid, has long been a painful and expensive process. Even today a lot of farmers use diesel generators to operate their water pumping systems and carry the water to the needed areas. In order to reduce costs and efforts to distribute water, The meeco Group has developed the sun2flow solar water pump solution. Even in locations with access to the grid, this system often is the most appropriate for sustainable water pumping. To ensure a perfect fit between solar and water pumping technology, the system has been designed in association with in house water management experts.

Sun2light – Brightness By the Sun

Our sun2light solar powered street lights are entirely environmentally friendly, zero-emission lighting solutions operating with the latest technologies of ultra-efficient LED luminaires.

Compared to traditional lighting bulbs, LED street lights can save up to 70% of energy. Combined with solar technology, they represent the most sustainable and reliable lighting solution. Our solar powered street lights offer the perfect way to meet infrastructural requirements in areas with high energy consumption of public lighting. With today’s proven and industrialised LED technology, the sun2light solar powered street lights are able to contribute to sustainable development while ensuring consistent lighting.

Sun2com – Stay Connected Through Clean Energy

The sun2com solar telecommunications solution is a turnkey clean energy system that helps to overcome the challenge of providing remote regions without electricity grid access with reliable internet, mobile phone and data connections at a competitive price.

Taking into account the rising costs of diesel and the significant delivery costs, the energy supply for telecommunication stations – Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) – represents a real challenge for remote areas without grid connection, such as small islands. While service providers operate only with a few off-grid BTS stations, in comparison to their on-grid facilities, these sites denote a huge part of the total network OPEX (operational expenditures). The use of renewable energy to power the telecom stations permits to dramatically reduce the running costs and also to prevent the risk of power outages.

Sun2move – Solar Powered Electric Bikes

The sun2move model comprises high-class electric mountain bikes powered by green energy through charging stations equipped with our solar energy system sun2safe. With sun2move, we aim to strenghten an eco-friendly and healthy mobility.

Our clean energy solution combines the advantages of solar energy and electric mobility. The charging stations of the e-bikes are equipped with our intelligent solar generation and energy management solution sun2safe. In a so-called bikeport, the batteries of the bikes are charged with solar power. There, the produced energy is stored in batteries and is available anytime to recharge the sun2move e-bikes.