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Two aspects meeco pays great attention to while designing a PV system

Switching to photovoltaics is undoubtedly a wise decision. Thanks to this type of installation, in fact, it is possible to take advantage of clean energy to satisfy one’s own electricity consumption, be it residential or industrial.

However, to obtain a solar panel maximum performance in a photovoltaic system it is important to consider the orientation and inclination of the PV panels: two aspects that deeply influence the production capacity of a system.

In fact, with the right orientation and the right inclination it is possible to guarantee the optimal functioning of a photovoltaic system, make the most of it and increase the profitability of the solar modules.

meeco professional multidisciplinary team provides everyday the finest solutions to its clients and partners, paying great attention to both the orientation and inclination of the solar modules, and also studying the most suitable fixing structure on a case-by-case basis, according to the specific type of roof.

Furthermore, thanks to the use of the best PV Solar software during system configuration, the maximization of yield, efficiency and performance of the system is always guaranteed.

This is the case of the sun2roof system installed for a textile company in Leutkirch, Germany. This installation has been since the beginning producing clean electricity well beyond all expectations, obtaining the solar panel maximum performance.

This tailor-made PV solution of 196kWp, consists of 700 top tier solar modules allocated on the industrial roof of the property. It has been generating over 200 MWh since its installation in 2018, saving 119 tons of polluting CO2 emissions.

“I decided to have the system built with meeco because it stands out for its professionalism, competence and many years of experience” states the company CEO.

“I have always believed in the importance of using alternative energies meant as the use of new forms of energy with a lower environmental impact. In my opinion, photovoltaic was the best choice I could have ever made. Clean energy that also helps to drastically reduce our electricity costs…what else I should say?” he finishes.

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